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Plantronics 770 Headset Review

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  • Plantronics 770 Headset Review

    Once I found TG, I made the decision to buy a headset for CoD4. My first set was a behind the neck Logitech set for $20. The set was definitely not noise cancelling, I had issues with mic consistency, and the set would hurt my ears by pulling down during extended game play.

    Here is where I decided to return the Logitech set and buy the Plantronics 770s. I searched for reviews but did not find many. The ones I found were all positive. I also believe the set is relatively new so that would explain the lack of reviews.

    Pros: The wire length is more than ample.
    Can be either USB or traditional dual hook up (gold plated).
    Plug and Play, no drivers needed.
    The headphones surround the entire ear and are much better for noise cancelling.
    My ears stay pretty cool despite being completely enclosed.
    I can game for hours and not have any discomfort.
    The mic has been consistent and is great quality.
    No complaints about sound quality either.
    The volume control on the wire is sturdy and does not change volume by simply rubbing against another object.

    Cons: The headset looks like an aviation set you'd use while flying. Fortunately the set does not feel heavy.
    No other real cons yet.

    Verdict: A great set for the money...IMHO.



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