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Xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows. Hardware conflict.

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  • Xbox 360 wireless receiver for windows. Hardware conflict.

    I've bought this device to be able to use the xbox guitar hero controller with my pc.

    Unfortunately, I seem to have a hardware conflict.
    "Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware (code 37)."

    MB: Asus P5W DH Deluxe
    cpu: pentium dual core 3.4ghz
    Ram: 1gig corsair ddr2
    vid: bfg geforce 7600 GT
    audio: realtek onboard
    wlan: realtek rtl8187 wireless 802.11g
    hdd: samsung 300gb sata
    os: win xp with auto update enabeled (and drivers updated)

    I've got the latest drivers for the device.
    My first thoughts were the onboard sound and wlan adapters, but I installed it to a lap top with realtek audio and wlan devices and it worked.
    So then I disabeled the onboard audio (which have caused conflicts in the past)in the bios without result.
    Next step was to disable the onboard wlan which didn't get it to work.
    (the onboard wlan device identifies itself as a usb peripheral and I've used the "safely remove hardware" function and disabeled it in the device manager...couldn't find any option to disable it in the bios, which btw is recently updated)

    Any thoughts?
    Your mouse has moved, please restart windows for the change to take effect.



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