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  • Mouse Buttom Programming

    Hi All,

    Looking at getting a new gaming mouse; either a Razer Deathadder or Logitech G5.

    How do those of you that have these program the buttons/wheel?


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    Re: Mouse Buttom Programming

    I have an older Logitech G5 with only one thumb button. Logitech offers it's own software that allows you to program the buttons external, adjust the DPI settings, etc. It gives much more control than you get with the generic system drivers or Microsoft mice. Right now I have the thumb button left at its default setting and program it in the game. For the tilt wheel (left and right tilt), I use the Logitech software to assign keystrokes to tilt left and tilt right.

    For example, I have tilt right bound to right alt which i use for TeamSpeak's "Press to talk". The reason I do it this way vs setting it up in TeamSpeak is that TeamSpeak does not recognize the tilt action at all when attempting to bind to a key, but bind the tilt action to a keyboard key and it works like a charm.

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      Re: Mouse Buttom Programming

      Logitech has it's own taskbar app that works flawlessly imo.


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        Re: Mouse Buttom Programming

        I find it indispensable. Having a touch of the CTS being able to do even a few extra things with the mouse means a lot. Allow me to play longer with less pain.
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          Re: Mouse Buttom Programming

          Thanks for the replies.

          I was not aware that the Logitech G5 allows you to program wheel tilt left/right.

          This thing is sweet!!!


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            Re: Mouse Buttom Programming

            I have the G5 and do the same thing as the others have noted, just assign keys to the buttons in Logitechs software. One nice thing someone here pointed out to me was the ability to do was program combo keys into the mouse. In Arma there are a tonn of combo key actions and I now have "alt+num key pad 7" and the same for 9 on my tilt mouse wheel for free look while the sights are up, very usefull.




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