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Video Upgrade for my ASUS P5AD2-E

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  • Video Upgrade for my ASUS P5AD2-E


    I would like to upgrade to a faster video card but am uncertain as to what card will do best. As the MB is 2.5 years old I do not intend to upgrade to the highest card, and the power supply (420 watts) may limit what I can do.

    My current vid card is a Geforce 6600 PCI Express x16 256MB

    Here are some of my specs:

    ASUS P5AD2-E Premium Intel 925X Socket 775
    Intel P4 3Gig

    2X DDR2 Corsair-533 266 MHz (2 gig total)

    This system gives me about 20-40 fps in COD4 multiplayer, and equally low fps in BF2. I have never been able to put video settings on medium or high without unacceptable FPS loss.

    Any suggestions as to what video card I should upgrade to? I would like to stay with GeForce, as I know that works (an initial install of a Radeon X700 proved completely incompatible for reasons unknown).


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    Re: Video Upgrade for my ASUS P5AD2-E

    The obvious choice is the 8800GT as it's very popular.

    However the new ATI 3850 and 3870 are showing really good results and the drivers seem to be good. They are also cheaper and easier to find. I would do some looking into the benchmarks for these, keeping in mind that the 88GT will beat it but for more money. Either would be a nice step up for you and not break the bank. No Im not an ATi fan boy, I have a nvidia but the newest ATi's seem to actually be good compared to the 2900's.


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      Re: Video Upgrade for my ASUS P5AD2-E

      an 8800GT would be too much, I would look for 7800GT or something around there

      here is a 7600GT which is a good size step from the 6600 and not to expensive
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