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  • ¿ Help ? <motherboard questions>

    I'm trying to upgrade my current PC, well actually just make a whole new one.. for only gaming
    i was wanting a Athlon XP chip because they are cheaper than intel chips
    and i wanted a MSI board because i currently have a MSI board and i like it alot, unless someone else has found problems with then please tell me and suggest a different company.
    I was going through their website and was looking at their products. I'm not really sure how mother boards are made/work but i'm guessing that when it says something like "nVIDIA® nForce2 SPP" that means nvidia made the software and the software model or w/e is called "nForce2 SPP", right?
    but they also have mobo's made by VIA w/Apolo software
    i guess i'm asking, which is better?
    and which of those models do you suggest, i was looking to put about 100 dollars into a CPU, so i think that'll get me a AthlonXP 2600+ maybe 2700.
    I'm also sorta of confused how the A-XP proccessors work, i haven't look at them much, so a A-XP 2700+ is basiclly a intel p4 2.7??
    any other ideas or tips you have for me would help!

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    I put together a albatron xp2700+ 1gb pc3200 ram fx5600 256mb
    board is way stable. I was using a Soyo KT dragon utra platinum kt400 (Via chip set rule by the way), but went away to standard jumper board, they seem to me more stable than the software bios jumperless board. IMOP.
    Asus|i7x970|ddr31600mhz24gb|EVGA GTX680-4gb|1200wcorsairgldatx|CreativeX-F1extrem7.1|Win764bitpro|TrackIr4Pro/ir |JoystickCHFighterstick|SaitekpedalsPro|X52ThrtlCo ntlr|G15Keybrd|32"Lcd HDMI/DVI TV|


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      VIA chipsets hardly "rule" there 3rd reaction to Nforce2, the KT600 is the first to support all the same features. KT400 and KT400a SUCK, period. the KT400 and KT400a was both suppose to be 400fsb chipsets but VIA messed up.

      nVIDIA® nForce2 SPP = Nforce2 chipset
      nVIDIA® nForce2 IGP = Nforce2 chipset with intergrated Geforce 4MX class gfx
      VIA® Apollo KT600 = VIA's latest chipset and finaly a working fsb of 400

      KT600 or Nforce2 SSP, both level, the KT600 based board will probably be cheaper. The KT600 is single channel, and the Nforce2 supports dual and single (dual will be slightly faster), you will need 2 memory chips though.

      Nvidia are on a bit of a low in the hardware/software department, they have yet to make a working IDE driver for there Chipset and there Gfx card range is far from perfect. Saying that, the Nforce2 chipset is the last great thing to come from the company and its realy good, just use the MS nforce IDE driver and you'll be fine.

      my vote is the Nforce2 board.

      an XP2500 barton, the MSI nforce2 board (although i recommend the Asus A7N8X-X) 512mb PC3200 (2x256chips) and a ATI9600pro.

      As for the XP rating, a XP2700 is close to a P42.7, but the P4's started to pull away due to HT and 800fsb. And anyway, the XP rating isnt supposed to be a guage to the P4's its supposed to be a guage to there old Tbird proccessors.
      From Adam Webb


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        All aboot the a7n8x deluxe.Thats what im getting.


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          make sure its the 400 version batman ;)
          From Adam Webb


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            everyone i know is buying the a7n8x deluxe and having great success. whatever you decide to go with check out's forums and see if anyone is having problems with the board you are thinking of buying. they have a thread for every type of amd mobo.

            keep in mind people generally just post problems and not success stories. if a fix is found it is posted, but you rarely see "buy this mobo" posts. the main use of that sight before you buy is to see if anyone is having problems with the same setup you are planning on running. sometimes you'll see that everyone has problems with a certain type of power supply or a particular brand of memory.


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              Thanks guys, could i have a link to a site for a7n8x deluxe board


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                newegg generally has the best prices. they also have links to reviews of the board. wow, i just noticed they have a refurb for 1/2 off. maybe it's time for me to upgrade too ;)


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                  two dual channel boards, first one is the one with more features.

                  Single channel product (i think)
                  From Adam Webb


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                    Thanks, first off
                    whats the difference between between daul channel boards and single?
                    and i think the only differences between the Deluxe is that it has
                    -a better sound card, but i've got a fine one i would use.. so don't need it
                    -Serial ATA Technology, What exactly is that?.. err well actually, i guess i mean, where exactly would i use this? and how?
                    -Daul Lan... seems pointless for a gaming rig, no?
                    -IEEE, what exactly would i use this for?
                    -More USB ports, i hardly use them anyways
                    -ASUS Wincinema (optional), meh.. just more software, nothing i would need for gaming...

                    Did i miss any?
                    SO i think i'm leaning towards the non-deluxe mobo, what do you guys think?


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                      non delux is what i have :)
                      From Adam Webb


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                        ok, Serial ATA is a new HDD connection method. Every HDD will be Serial ATA within 2 years. Most of the latest ones come in both Serial and Parallel ATA options. S-ATA is faster, and has ALOT smaller cables. Its also hot swappable.

                        Daul Lan is ok if you have a ethernet based WAN access and you then have to connect to a LAN as well. True, not realy needed in most cases.

                        Daul DDR is slightly faster then single DDR for AMD chipsets. Dual DDR @ PC3200 speeds gives you 6.4gbs bandwidth, instead of 3.2gbs. Problem is, the AMDs bus @400 is only 3.2gbs anyway. Daul DDR does increase overall system performance though. It IS worth having if you can afford it.

                        USB day... one day you'll use them ;)

                        IEEE is firewire (i think thats its name) its faster than USB, but isnt used for anything (that i know about).
                        From Adam Webb


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                          oh, ok thanks
                          and the Ipod uses firewire.. put i'm good with my cd-burner and cd-player...
                          i don't think i really want that lan thing, and the memory.. how much do you think i should get.. 512?

                          well that serial ata thing sounds nice.. but i bet the HDs are probably a lot of cash, i'm looking for a 25 or 30 gig hd, all i want is XP, a couple of games, and some programs to fix it.. like anitvirus/adaware, etc etc
                          all of my other stuff will stay on my old machine
                          you think its worth it?.. or the ATA? errr, i guess i mean, do you think the ATA is worth getting.. if so i'll get the deluxe.


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                            Originally posted by Overlag
                            IEEE is firewire (i think thats its name) its faster than USB, but isnt used for anything (that i know about).
                            Digital cameras and external hdds mostly.. ooh and I believe the iPod is firewire...


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                              the drives are only a little more, and slightly faster..... even value I say..... less for less more for more...... serial is the future though. dual channel is also good.

                              my 2/100ths

                              asus a7n8x deluxe
                              2500 barton
                              2x 256 DDR pc3200
                              120 gig WD SE drive (the WD1200JD) is only like 115.00
                              and a radeon 9600XT will set you back 600.00 and will make a VERY nice gaming rig.




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