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  • Problems with mic

    Im as useful as a bag of rocks when it comes to troubleshoot this problem Im having with my sound card. English is not my language so please try to understand me :)

    Backround is this:
    I want to use Line-2 for my mic, as the microphone spot behind the computer is in such a stupid place that my microphone wire runs out/is too tight. Line-2 spot for mic is however located at the front of the computer so I can hook the bastard in without any crawling in dark dusty places. :)
    Anyway, I had the joy of getting x-fi as sound card and what do you know, whan I set the microphone input to be line-2 and go ingame and try to use it, it doesnt work, I quickly alt+tab and I see that the silly program set the damn thing to microphone again. Now Im not first one to have this problem (I googled) and after crashing the games few hundred times when at+tabbing ingame to set it back to line-2 after disconnect I got fustrated and indeed googled for solution.
    I found program called Muvixer (if I recall right) that forces the record input to indeed be line2 when x-fi tries to mess stuff up. This has given me lots of jolly times of joy in TG.

    Ok, now it's "fixed", but now I come to the real problem. When I try to record some of that teamplay & mic useage with FRAPS I get 2 seconds of ingame voice, but then clacking of my keybord when I play and my voice (aka the FRAPS isnt recording my voice only when I press to talk with mic & game voice). Now someone please hit me with a hammer and tell me how can I record stuff with fraps so that I can A) Get ingame voice to the video file and B) To get my voice in the video when I press the key to talk C) Also so that my squadmates can hear me

    First thing I can think about is recording the audio tracks on the backround while FRAPS takes care of the actual video.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Problems with mic

    I remember reading something about this recently, I think the the Project Reality forums (or it was in this forum here). Might want to try and search at


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      Re: Problems with mic

      Originally posted by Bamboo View Post
      I remember reading something about this recently, I think the the Project Reality forums (or it was in this forum here). Might want to try and search at
      Yeah, there's guys struggling with the same problem, and the problem I had with my line2 mic thing that can be fixed with muvixer :)

      I think I may have found a solution. If I make muvixed to record "what u hear" and unmute my mic I can hear both my mic and the game.
      However I do not know if my squadmates can hear me and I may produce pretty annoying gamesound+mysound lap which in intense firefights might cause them to freak out.


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        Re: Problems with mic

        Yeah, that's exactly fixed the problem.

        With muvixer set "what u hear" as recording input and unmute your microphone from the audio settings. You should be hearing yourself just fine.

        Now ingame set your battlefield sounds to about 20% (varys from games, test what's best for you, to me, fine was 15%)
        Remember, the point is to get your voice up so high that you can hear yourself in the video also so that game sounds are there, but in no way too high.
        Here's example by Exploding_Silver. You can hear him talking even his button is not pressed, however your squadmates can hear you only when you push your speak button down. You'll get the idea.

        That's what really happened :)
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