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Logitech G15 on sale for $50

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  • Logitech G15 on sale for $50

    Just passing on a good sale at Circuit City.

    Lot of people have said they like this KB, and $50 is great deal, way better than the usual $90-$100

    Sucks you have to do rebates though.


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    Re: Logitech G15 on sale for $50

    Good deal, even though it's through a rebate. At least I know Logitech's rebates are reliable (did one for my G7).
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      Re: Logitech G15 on sale for $50

      Always after I have something already ordered!!! Still waiting for it. Starting to wonder about FedEx, they seem SLOWER than usual. Guess that is cause I am impatient about building my new computer.


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        Re: Logitech G15 on sale for $50

        I'd consider getting it as a backup for my existing "original" G15, except they nerfed the design and tore out all the macro buttons. Now it looks like my Logitech Bluetooth keyboard at the office. (Nice, but not what I consider a gaming keyboard.)
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