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Generic Board Game Software?

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  • Generic Board Game Software?

    I am looking for software that allows you to play board games on the internet. It wouldn't know about any of the rules or pieces or anything like that. What it would do is allow you to draw a game board and pieces and share the results among a group of players over the internet. If it allowed for persistence of the current state that would be a bonus.

    Maybe it could generate standard game boards like hex and you could provide the background picture.

    If it doesn't exist I have thought about creating a open source project to do something like that in .Net. The .Net framework 3.5 has some pretty cool peer to peer technology.
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    Re: Generic Board Game Software?

    There is a ton of software like that targeted at online RPG (pen and paper style) players. I remember looking at klooge before and found it again by googling 'online rpg software'. There are a couple other ones I've looked at but I can't remember what they're called.

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      Re: Generic Board Game Software?

      Battlegrounds: RPG Edition may work well for you, too. While it's designed primarily for RPGs, it can also be used to play many boardgames and wargames. It allows saving the current game state, and even has Auto-Save and Undo features. Both square and hex grids are supported, and include an optional snap-to-grid feature.

      You can check it out at There's a free demo available for download.

      A full list of virtual tabletop software is also available at the above site, on the "Links & Resources" page. There are over 40 such programs (free and commercial), so you should be able to find one that suits your needs.




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