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  • Hide your pandora player.

    I often have Pandora playing while I work. There is two problems with this.

    It plays in the browser so it takes up space in the task bar and I find that annoying.

    Because of this I will sometimes close it accidental because I close all items in the task bar.

    Attached is a VERY simple app that launches Pandora in a embedded browser in a windows application. It places a icon in the system tray. If you click the icon it hides the window. Click it again and it shows the window.

    If anybody would like to have the ability to do this to other web sites let me know and I can add some kind of list or show your bookmarks or something.


    Requires .Net 2.0 be installed.
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    Re: Hide your pandora player.

    Wow you are my favorite person now. +rep in spirit.

    I always am accidentally closing my pandora page. I currently open it in a tab so that there is the little error message trying to close multiple tabs.

    Another use i would have for this is minimizing a firefox page when downloading from a website. If i close firefox, the download cancels. How would i go about that?
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      Re: Hide your pandora player.

      For large downloads, I tend to use wget at a command prompt. It's continuable in case the connection is lost.
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