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MSI officially releases EFI BIOS

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  • MSI officially releases EFI BIOS

    MSI officially releases EFI BIOS <--- Link

    Just thought I would pass this news on. Really pretty exciting stuff, as once it gets going it could completely change how things are done.

    Most exciting part:
    "EFI BIOS also supports LAN, pre-OS applications like instant messenger, games, browser, live update, media player and much more. According to the press release Microsoft will add the EFI support to the x64 versions of Windows Vista with Service Pack 1"

    Just think, if they get this working so you could start up BF2 without actually starting windows, how much faster you will be able to run it. Won't have half your resources going to Windows, instead it all going to the game.

    more here:

    After more reading it looks like only Vista 64 is going to support this, and that is once SP1 is released. Really glad I went with Vista 64 now!!!! Might convince even more people to go over, and more likely Microsoft will just get rid of 32 next time


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    Re: MSI officially releases EFI BIOS

    Yay, hackintosh just got easier ;)
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      Re: MSI officially releases EFI BIOS

      Linus on EFI back in 2006:

      He called it "this other Intel brain damage" (the first one being ACPI)".
      Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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