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Stuck At Boot Screen (YIKES!)

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  • Stuck At Boot Screen (YIKES!)

    Come home from a terrible day and bam got hit with a computer stuck at the AwardBios just after the processor ident and nothing...
    1. Tried unplugging and replugging hardware inside
    2. Can't get any keys to work so entering the bios via the suggested keys is impossible

    There was no warning so I'm going to guess this is a motherboard failure. The motherboard is a cheap ECS POS, do you guys think this is the first place to start or any other suggestions?

    I've never been at a bios that you can't at least opt into setup before so I'm pretty lost.

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    Re: Stuck At Boot Screen (YIKES!)

    try clearing your Cmos
    Here are a bunch of guides, but every motherboard is different:
    not hard to do just as long as you follow directions for your motherboard.


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      Re: Stuck At Boot Screen (YIKES!)

      As bad as ECS motherboards are: if yours was bad, it would have died and you would not be able to boot your system.

      In addition to clearing your CMOS, do you have any spare RAM that you can try in your computer? (Pull out your current RAM first, of course.)

      It idents your CPU, so I doubt your CPU is at fault. It's most likely your RAM. If your motherboard was bad, I doubt it would even begin a POST.
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