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BluRay players.

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  • BluRay players.

    I was just listening to a pod cast and they made a comment about the cheaper BluRay players. They warned against buying them.

    They said some of them are not upgradeable and will not play all BluRay disks. They also said that some of them you have to burn a cd after downloading it to your computer then insert it into the BluRay player to upgrade it. This was because some of the cheaper ones do not have Ethernet connectivity so they cannot download updates.

    Is this true? And I assume that if you don't have an Ethernet connection close to your TV you are going to have to do the whole download-burn-install thing?
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    Re: BluRay players.

    I used to have one of the first Philips DivX/DVD players and upgrading firmware using the cd burning method was really really easy. That way I could watch more recent DivX videos with newer codecs. So if you have any computer know-how, that method is no biggie. I'd say it's worth the extra savings if it makes a difference in price.
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      Re: BluRay players.

      what happened to get-it-right-the-first-time. i AM a supporter for blu-ray the day it came out, dont get me wrong.. but whats with all these patches needed to watch the new blurays... my very first dvd player (sony.. first or so model) can still play the newest dvd(i dont buy dvds anymore so...) granted it is making it run better, but still.

      i watch all my Blu Rays on my ps3 (80gig version) btw
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        Re: BluRay players.

        older DVD players could not play a movie on a DVD+R. newer ones can. Older DVD players had issues with certain non-standard menu layouts, as well as larger title numbers. I am just glad you can update the thing instead of having o buy a new one.
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          Re: BluRay players.

          The Samsung line have terrible problems from what I've read. Constant firmware updates to fix compatibility issues. Really if you want a bluray player now the ones to get ATM are the Panasonic BD30 or the PS3. The rest I would not recommend as they are not profile 1.1 compliant. About Profiles




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