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surround sound problem (vista related?)

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  • surround sound problem (vista related?)

    ok... i have the most up to date x64 vista drivers for my sound card (supremeFX by asus.. came with my crosshair mobo.. addin card... pciex1 or 4.. i cant tell) in the sound/audio menu.. i set it up to be 5.1 and all is well, but when in a gam.. CSS, Doom 3 ANY GAME... it says i dont have 5.1 set up..
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    Re: surround sound problem (vista related?)

    I am not sure about your card but I know I had a lot of stupid little issues with my xtremegamer till i did some reading around and crap to get me all sorted out. Anyway, is there any special software you may need to get 5.1 sound running in games? I know certain games on the xtremegamer does need the Alchemy program for them to run with surround sound so maybe your soundcard might need a program for the same reason? I am just throwing this out there to give you some ideas BTW.

    I have no idea what software may come with the drivers you can get from the website but I don't see any other software that would help.




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