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  • video recording problems...

    I've just figured out how to capture video from the Xbox 360 through a Intensity Pro capture card... I then use the program VirtualDub to capture the HD footage, then a edit it with a program to cut, edit, and produce it... but I do have 2 problems, that I'm hoping someone might have some advise or corrections for...

    1. When I capture video, the video and sound starts off in sync, but over time (say ten minutes or so) the sound falls behind the capture by about 1 second... It's in the raw capture so it must be a problem between either the capture card or VirtualDub...

    Any idea why this is happening, and how to correct or fix it?

    (DivX encoded) [media][/media]

    (wmv file)

    2. As you can see there is two different types of sample files, thats my next question... recording 720p HD in the first movie resulted in a 350+ file size (not raw that was GB's), not very good for sharing on the internet... so I used DivX, it converted to 250 + at 720p, still too big, so then I went with the "home theater" setting in the DivX converter and got it under 100 MB's... so what is the best codex to use, and still maintain a high quality video?
    Thanks for any info.
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    Re: video recording problems...

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