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DRM crap and new rig

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  • DRM crap and new rig

    Hey guys....I just built a new rig but cant get a hi def video I bought (From yesterday by 30 seconds to mars) but can't get it to play on the new rig and the old one was too slow. I did a cut and paste over my network to put it on the new machine. WMP tries to contact a server to establish whether or not I have the "right" to play it but it won't connect to the server, shows as unavailable. Any ideas as to how to fix it? Oh rig specs are:

    Intel e8400
    EVGA 780i mobo
    2gb corsair memory
    Evga 8800gt
    2x320 gb maxtor HDD
    Sound blaster xfi extreme music
    PC power and cooling 750w Silencer power supply
    Thermaltake armor case
    G15 keyboard
    Logitech mx1000 mouse
    Logitech z5500 speakers
    Acer 19 inch and 24 inch monitors
    Saitek x52 FCS
    CH pro rudder pedals
    Trackir4 pro
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    Re: DRM crap and new rig

    What media player are you trying to use?
    I would try and play it with VLC media player.

    I rarley use Windows media player any more. VLC interface doesn't look as pretty, but it plays just about everything you can throw at it, and small on system resources.


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      Re: DRM crap and new rig

      I use Media Player Classic, but keep VLC around for playing obscure/crappy formats.




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