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passworded USB flash drive

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  • passworded USB flash drive

    Im looking for a USB flash drive that is at least 2Gb and has password protection on it so only those that know the password can access it and its data on any computer its used on.

    Anyone know of any good and/or cheep ones I could get?
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    Re: passworded USB flash drive

    I typed this into Google search "password protected usb drive" and the search kicked up all kinds of links to free software programs that work on your existing USB to encrypt the data and allow you to take it from computer to computer.


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      Re: passworded USB flash drive

      I got a 8GB SanDisk Cruzer drive at my local Walmart for $68, it came with some software called U3 that will allow you to password protect the drive.

      Or, there are a few free software utilities out there that will let you assign a password, many more that are not free, but for sale.


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        Re: passworded USB flash drive

        Windows has a free program called private folder....I dunno if they still distribute it, but it integrates very well into the shell. I have a copy if you are interested.

        edit: it is freely available to anyone with google.
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          Re: passworded USB flash drive

          Be sure you get actual encryption, not just superficial hiding.

          If you format with NTFS, you can use its native encryption. Note that there's no back door, so if you lose the key, the data is gone.
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            Re: passworded USB flash drive

            This may be what you want: Corsair Flash Padlock ($20)

            It's a USB thumb drive with a keypad for entering a password. Until you key in the password, the data is inaccessible.




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