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Nvidia 1st Packet/Teaming

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  • Nvidia 1st Packet/Teaming

    I am using the Nvdia 1st packet technology as well as teaming on my 680i MB. The teaming is cool because it allows for two separate connections to my broadband connection, allowing for improved performance. As for the 1st packet, it allows for prioritization for certain programs accessing the internet.

    Now for all the good things about it, I am starting to have issue of late. It will drop my connection for some reason. It is not the router, because my laptop is still running with a connection. It is random as to when it will happen, but it does. I found a event viewer message stating that there was a issue with "svchost.exe_WdiServiceHost". Would this be a driver fault? Has anyone else used this and experienced something similar?

    And yes, I am using Vista 64.
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