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php ftp/upload manager?

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  • php ftp/upload manager?

    A friend of mine is looking for an easy way to manage ftp files on his site. He would like to be able to upload files (upload progress a large plus, some file may be fairly large so would be nice to know) and list/download them through the website rather then an ftp client.

    Is there something php/javascript based out there that's free along those lines. I'm not sure exactly what this is for, but I though someone here may know something that could be useful.

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    Re: php ftp/upload manager?

    You could use an open source program such as:

    Before you put to much effort, it may be worth looking if your hosting company has a file manager within their control panel.

    If your dealing with large file uploads your best to stick with FTP. Commonly, max file upload and max post size are set from 8-32mb on most hosts. File upload progress through HTTP is very weak and difficult. With flash technology, you can whip together a fairly decent progress bar, but it seems to go wonky at 100mb. In short, you will have problems with larger files.

    Of course your browser should have some FTP functionality, or you can download a full fledged FTP client.

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      Re: php ftp/upload manager?

      Be sure to run a virus checker. You don't want miscreants uploading malware for innocents to download.
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