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Looking for advice on this deal...

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  • Looking for advice on this deal...

    I'm Looking to go mobile! So I'm Selling this monster! My desktop specs are:

    *E6600 Dual Core Processor 2.4Ghz (No speed difference between dual and quad core yet!)
    *4gigs of DDR2 677 RAM (4x1gigs)
    *750Gigs Hard Drive Space (3x250Gigs in RAID0.....FAST!!!!!!)
    *2 Dual Layer DVD Burners
    *Hauppauge WinTV HVR 1800 TV Tuner with HD Tuner and FM Radio
    *15 in 1 Media Card Reader
    *ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT Graphics with 512MB DDR3 RAM (1790MB total)
    *600 Watt Extreme Power Supply
    *Creative Labs X-Fi Extreme Gamer Sound (with on-board sound processor)
    *12" Extreme PC Cooler (Custom Made)
    *Sound Activated Lighting (Must See!!!)
    *Dual Monitors (22" Samsung and 15" HP)
    *Temp Monitor
    *5.1 Logitec Speaker System
    *Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse with Encrypted Connection!
    *Wireless Media Remote Control
    *Windows Vista Ultimate
    *14 USB Ports!!!!

    I Paid over $2500 in all for this monster! All this for $500-$600 (Price of new Laptop)give or take $50! Or a Used Laptop!
    Call me and let me know what you have to trade! Laptop MUST BE scratch-less and in LIKE NEW condition! Minimum requirements must be met at least! Must have Dual Core, DVD Burner, 1gig of RAM, and at least 100gig HD.
    I've been out of the buying market for so long that I can't judge anymore, should I pick this up, or could I build something similar for a better price?

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    Re: Looking for advice on this deal...

    I would say it is a decent deal. It is nice that it comes with the monitors and surround sound speakers and other extras, and has Vista Ultimate. Also has the TV tuner, which can come in handy. Personally I would find out how to turn the flashing light system off :D

    Overall, not bad and with a gfx card upgrade at some point, should last you a good while.
    If you go for it, get him to do a fresh intall of Vista, so everything will be clean. And if you can, find out what motherboard it has so you can check the reviews on it.
    And make sure he offers some kind of warrenty in writting so if you get home and a week later you start getting BSODs, you won't be stuck.


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      Re: Looking for advice on this deal...

      Of course it sold :(




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