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  • laptop screen cleaner

    My father-in-law's visiting, and wants to clean his laptop, and asked if I could recommend a cleaner. I don't have anything helpful to say on that, and I was wondering if anyone else might know (from personal experience) what works well?
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    Re: laptop screen cleaner

    I use dry microfiber for day to day, then eyeglasses cleaner for more stubborn stuff.

    never use paper based cloths or ammonia based cleaner.
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      Re: laptop screen cleaner

      I recommend a microfiber cloth with just enough plain ol' water to make it damp. And a second microfiber cloth to dry it... Or do like I do, and only get the corner of the microfiber cloth damp and use the rest of it to dry the screen.
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        Re: laptop screen cleaner

        lol... no, but on a serious note... I've always used a soft cotton cloth with plain ole hot water. Soak the cloth, ring it out, and wipe away. Remember to shut the display off before cleaning.
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