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Torrent2Exe Turns BitTorrent Links into Double-Click Downloads

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  • Torrent2Exe Turns BitTorrent Links into Double-Click Downloads

    Explaining torrents to tech unminded friends can be really hard, and with this it would be super easy.

    Torrent2Exe Turns BitTorrent Links into Double-Click Downloads

    Also in the news is that imageshack will now let you do torrents. It will download the torrent, and then give you a link to download it from them.

    ImageShack offers free Torrent download service


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    Re: Torrent2Exe Turns BitTorrent Links into Double-Click Downloads

    As soon as I hear about making executables to give to friends, I worry about trojan horses. And it looks like replies to that first link have the same concern.

    There's also the question of whether this automatic setup handles NAT and discourages leeching.

    The second service is interesting, but the reverse of what I typically want. Rather than converting a big slow download into a torrent and seeding it, Imageshack is joining a torrent to collect a file and then providing a single fast download point.

    It's actually similar to what I've done in the past for my WoW guild: I've got a Linux colo server with a fast pipe, so I join the torrent from there, grab a huge patch, then make it available for direct download to guildies.

    BTW, those who want big WoW files should check out WoWWiki's mirror page. That's where I go the day a huge patch comes out. The bottom of the patch table includes a link to the torrent. I pull the patch from the one PC set up for port forwarding, and then the other WoW users on my home network can use that file.
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