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Analyze and Benchmark Computer System with Fresh Diagnose

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  • Analyze and Benchmark Computer System with Fresh Diagnose

    New article out this morning about Fresh Diagnose. I read about it about a month ago, but was busy and forgot to play with it. The reason I decided to post it here is this part

    Fresh Diagnose is a complete and comprehensive tool for diagnosing and benchmarking your computer. It supplies many informations about both hardware and software system of your computer, its multimedia system, devices installed in it, and its resources. Also included, several benchmark tests to find out really, reliably, and exactly the capability indexes of your hardwares. It also supports printing and saving in multiple format : plain-text, html, rtf and doc.

    Use this free software to learn more about your computer and its components, detect or diagnose problems, and increase performance.
    I think any time we have someone having a problem with their computer here in the forum, we need to pass this link on to them 1st. Even if it doesn't solve the problem, they will be better able to tell us what components are actually in their computer. It isn't always easy to do with store bought computers.

    Analyze and Benchmark Computer System with Fresh Diagnose


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