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Flash player exploit installs keylogger

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  • Flash player exploit installs keylogger

    [I'll post a 2nd thread in the WoW section directing here, for those who don't leave the ghetto. ;)]

    Download the latest Flash update here:

    Adobe has just released a new version of Flash Player to deal with malware in the wild that's exploiting a vulnerability in previous versions. A major use is to install a keylogger to steal the passwords of WoW players, but I'm sure it can also be used to create spam zombies as well as break into companies.

    The attacks are also associated with SQL injection attacks on websites to create dump points for the keyloggers.,1895,2310320,00.asp

    One website that suffered an attack is providing information on other victim sites involved:
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    Re: Flash player exploit installs keylogger

    Scary stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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      Re: Flash player exploit installs keylogger

      Quick question because I'm off to work...I'll read more about it later, but will ad-aware or other spyware cleaner take care of this keylogger after updating adobe?
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