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Having issues with xp

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  • Having issues with xp

    Well, I'm playing 2142 just fine and next I know, I'm kick for modified content. A few seconds later my computer blue screens and crashes. Restart lands me at a windows/system32/config missing or corrupt screen. I got into the recovery console and "recovered." Everything is fine for a couple of days. Last night the computer crashes again while surfing the TG forums. Again go into the recovery console and recover. Fine once again. Soon after, it crashes again. So at this point I bandage it up again and make a complete back of my new and previously backed up files. Shortly after completing this, it crashes. So I'm thinking my hard drive is shot. Booting into the bios works just fine and I see nothing unusual there. Somehow the registry got messed up, but I have never messed with it or added new programs or hardware in probably close to 6 months. Only thing I can think of, is that the hard drive is reading/writing errors and causing the problem. Any other ideas?

    xp pro 32
    2.6 c2d
    150 gb hd
    4 gb ram

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    Re: Having issues with xp

    If its is a hard drive read/write error, they will usually show up in the Event Viewer's System log.


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      Re: Having issues with xp

      My bet would be the HD is slowly dying.

      I have experienced that behavior more than a few times and the HD would die in about 1-6 months.

      I would do a image or something and buy a new HD, just to be safe.
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        Re: Having issues with xp

        yea thats sounds like a bad drive to me too. Does your bios support HD SMART reporting? That has worked for me in the past, let me know one of my drives was on its way out and I was able to back up the data and get a new drive and sure enough the drive eventually died.


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          Re: Having issues with xp

          Reformat and reinstall your OS. If the problem persists... buy a new hd


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            Re: Having issues with xp

            My mothers computer did that before the arm of the reader started scratching into the disk. Star backing up what you can and hope for the best.

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              Re: Having issues with xp

              DO NOT DO ANY DEFRAG or Scandisk when your HD is questionable, the extra stress and work can speed up death very quickly.

              Open control panel, then Administrative tools

              Open event viewer

              You will see a screen like this.

              Note: Seeing one or two failures is not completely abnormal, but if your having a cascade failure of the head, as mentioned above, the reading needle can actually come in contact with the drive and wreck it completely, it is best to backup anything you need now, hold off on backing up large files until you've gotten all the smaller ones copied,as the more work the HD has to do, ie copying large files the closer to complete failure you will get.

              Your looking for errors with a source of "Disk"

              Double click one of these and copy paste what you see here please
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                Re: Having issues with xp

                Well I had to completely reformat last night. None of the microsoft tricks or random tips from others were getting xp to launch. From what I remember I didn't see any hits in the event viewer with the disk as the source. There were numerous errors from system processes leading up to the crash times though. Luckily I backed up most everything the last time I had xp up, but I did loss my assassin's creed game data.




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