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Tragedy: Opera 9.50

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  • Tragedy: Opera 9.50

    I'm afraid my stumping for Opera, at least post-9.27, is at an end.

    I installed 9.50 expecting big good things. Instead I received big fail things.

    In short: The new Web2.0-esque visual theme is even worse than the XP-wannabe of the 9.2x series. The icons are all the same gray and mostly the same shape so they're unreadable. And, it led me to reformat.

    I knew instinctually I was going to be screwed when I saw the absent check-box for opting between having per-login profiles or a single profile. Since I do not allow data in my OS partition, I use single profile which stores in the application directory tree. Then I find out about the horrible icons, how they mis-matched the sizes of everything in the GUI, and they screwed up the open-all-bookmarks such that the last one opens on "top" and on the rightmost tap, which is disturbing and senseless.

    So I try to uninstall it and my 9.27 installation becomes broken. And to top things off, desipte making backups of the files there-in, something found a way to give me a backup copy of the default installtion, meaning all my bookmarks, which I really had an attachment to since today's long-assed malformed URLs are a nightmare to memorize, and my custom search commands, and the flash-plugin DLLs (which are a minor pain in the butt to get at without running the installer and infecting the computer with Adobe AIDS) are all magically gone. Windows without Opera (9.27) is like cancer without the bald jokes so I reformat for purity's sake, and the hollow pleasure of ragequitting with effect.

    So I'm now coming to you from some ghetto Linux browser (which is soon to be uninstalled) and I'm in a very bad mood. I was all fired up because 9.50 appeared to be the first Linux x64 package, and it is, but now I can't use it because 9.50 is almost as bad as FireFail. Maybe I can run Win32 Opera 9.27 through Wine...

    I suppose I'll see if I can make the big Linux conversion now, if I find a browser that isn't Linternet Explorer (good job Ubuntu for INTEGRATING Firefart into your OS, why not just put Bill's face on the splash screen?) then all I need Windows for at this point is Team Fortress 2, and I'm told Wine can handle it, and anything Wine won't handle. Oh, and maybe playing DVDs, as from what I've heard no one's found a way to legally play DVDs in Linux because of lawyers. And on the other side, since I'm not going to ever use Windows beyond 2000, the new Logo initiative and my owning more than 2.8GB of RAM makes a 64-bit OS attractive.

    ITT: Software that turned to neutered focus-group garbage with a major update; switching-to-Linux war stories and lessons-learned; and browser suggestions (I like clean, compact, nothing popping up at me).

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    Re: Tragedy: Opera 9.50

    If you don't like Ubuntu, try OpenSUSE. It is like Ubuntu, but without all ofthe fail. And it has tons of beautiful features (Like one-click install for Compiz-Fusion, KDE4, Nvidia and ATI drivers, and more).

    And out-of-the-box legal mp3 support, and YaST (the GREATEST setup and management tool ever. It makes Ubuntu's package management look like a turd.), and a non-crippled CLI, and a competent community.
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      Re: Tragedy: Opera 9.50

      My first (positive) Linux distro experience was with SuSE, but shortly after I discovered it, they hopped beneath Bill and Steve's sheets. That, and they started screwing with the menus. They did something like the XP Start menu, which is the sort of thing that makes me very angry. Windows XP was at least wise enough to put the good menu within a rightclick and leftclick.

      That aside, so far Ubuntu 8.04 has managed to not yet offend me. Though I need a browser with more polish than this one -- Epiphany I think it is -- and I have yet to pour the Wine, the jury will remain out for a while, unless it does something startlingly evil.

      Although, not letting me just tell it which resolution/refresh I want in the screen properties is making me scoul. Drop-downs are good for noobs, I want an Advanced button with three numeric input fields.




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