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Ive KIlled IT!

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  • Ive KIlled IT!

    speakin from my secondary computer (named littlebuddy - dell dimension 2300) while the main (Sagitta - custom) tries to fix itself

    well folks ive killed vista... and it wasnt a error it was stupidity

    i wanted my old copy of XP on the machine again to start creating maps for COD4 and i was setting up the secondary partion and i guess i sent it to the wrong drive and wiped all my data.

    dam it...

    the good news is winxp pro installed on the machine in about 3 seconds and booted when i blinked and now i have the ability to write COD4 maps

    bad news is ill be down for a while getting backups reloaded and figuring out how i made the mistake so when i attempt to reinstall vista i dont do the same thing (this time ill write down the drive letters :) )


    -----------update ------------
    got network connects online! maybe i will be on TRM today!
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    I will not place claymores in my front yard.
    I will not place claymores in my front yard.

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    Re: Ive KIlled IT!

    If you have one of those "recovery" devices, you could try cloning your hard drive and recovering partial files and such.
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