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  • zone alarm update

    i just updated zone alarm to the latest version, and now nothing works at all, it seems to be blocking my DNS servers or something.. i basicaly have NO internet access at all

    no settings have changed since going from the slightly older version to the new version so i really dont understand whats going on....

    please help, because its like im not wearing a comdom in a french whore house.....alll nasty stuff coming after me
    From Adam Webb

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    Re: zone alarm update

    I love ZA, but I had to stop getting the upgrades because it was screwing too many things up. I'm still on 4.5.594, and that's where I'll stay.

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      Re: zone alarm update

      I would completely uninstall, then re-install the latest version. If it damaged some network registry entries, you may need to run WinSockXPFix.


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        Re: zone alarm update

        I used to think zonealarm was the best thing since sliced bread back when it was the only conventional free non-commercial firewall software, and i used it for several years...

        Over time it has become more "dumbed-down" and changed in ways that negatively improved its performance, ease of use, and overall usefullness....

        Currently, i rate Zonalarm as one of the crappiest personal firewalls ANYONE can get. It has many problems with many applications and does not allow you to create your own rules (like allowing all traffic to a specific port)

        to make things worse, its resource usage is ridiculous for a simple firewall problem, i have LONG since dumped zone-alarm.

        Now i am an advanced computer user, i know more about windows than most IT professionals (yeah i know its sad)... MIT graduates call me over to help them fix their computers...

        Listen to someone who knows what he is talking about and go download:

        Kerio Personal Firewall. at

        It BLOWS zonalarm away in performance, resource usage, functionality/features, ease of use (i think) and even overall security (it is a business class firewall solution)

        Plus its FREE!! Its a "trial" version for 30 days but after that, only features that are useless to the average household are disabled (such as the ability to password protect the program, etc).

        This is what i use, and this is what i recommend. Its time YOU dumped zonealarm and switched to kerio.
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          Re: zone alarm update

          I second blackjackel's post. You should consider ditching ZA for KPF.


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            Re: zone alarm update

            I'd ditch them both in favor of a hardware firewall.




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