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  • Lots of good links for you.............

    So I was looking around today and there are tons of good links I wanted to pass on here, so instedad of posting a bunch of singular threads, just making 1 post.

    1st one looks like it would be cool for trying out a sketchy beta, or putting on your computer so you can let your kids/wife use it without fear of them killing it :row__523: Two different posts about the same program below so you can see all the comments for more thoughts:

    Windows SteadyState Creates a Wreck-Proof Space for Kids, Experiments

    Windows Steady State Bulletproofs Your System

    2nd, a good write up on VLC media player on some tricks you might not know it could do, like ripping a DVD to your hard drive, etc. Everyone should keep a copy of VLC around for playing odd files or even just to replace Windows media player completly. It is so much lighter.

    Master Your Digital Media with VLC

    By the way, if you look around you can find ways to change the look of the player to make it look cooler.

    3rd, thought this was just kind of cool and cheap to do if you like it

    Set Up Cheap Ambient Lighting with Rope Lights

    Last but not least,
    This is an article on making your old crappy applience look cool with Stainless steel contact paper, but you could do this as well to an old plain computer case or laptop or even desk you are tired of looking at, or any thing else for that matter (no, not your dog). I actually saw the wrap for sale in Lowe's Home Improvement the other day for really cheap, and actually looks good.

    Refurbish Appliances with Stainless Steel Contact Paper

    Have fun......................


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    Re: Lots of good links for you.............

    VLC media player is great!

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