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Dlink DGL 4500 vs. Dlink DIR 655

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  • Dlink DGL 4500 vs. Dlink DIR 655

    The DGL 4500 is here:

    The DIR 655 is here:

    My DGL 4300 is causing lag so I need to choose between the two. You can go to following site to see reviews:,189/

    I am no networking pro, but it seems that the only real benefit that the DGL 4500 gives you is dual band, operating at 5 mhz and gamefuel. Since there are only a few EXPENSIVE cards that operate at 5 mhz, it seems that the DIR 655 would be the better choice.

    What do you guys and gals think?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Dlink DGL 4500 vs. Dlink DIR 655

    I have a DIR 655 and I love it. Very reliable and a great connection anywhere in my house (desktop computer is upstairs and opposite side of house from router). Gamefuel seems gimmicky, I'm pretty sure you can set up QOS with the 655 anyways.

    Two good reasons for dual band is if you have cordless phones that operate in the frequency range as your router, as they will occasionally interfere with each other, and also the 5 GHz frequency is probably a little less crowded with your neighbours.

    Good Luck
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