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Weird video card variation

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  • Weird video card variation

    Check out the variation in the specifications on these two cards which are under the same brand/model name.

    Both made by asus and claim to use the same gpu. I know that many times they release cards under the same model name with variations such as X2 to X4 the vram.

    Generally when they do this they scale everything in the same direction or at least don't change the memory interface.

    However in this instance them have increased* the vram from 384(DDR3)->512(*DDR-2) and decreased the interface from 192->128.

    With changes such as these this(512mb) card should woefully under perform its predecessor. The fact that they didn't give it a differentiating name(or much of a better price... $5) is a bit deceptive.

    I suppose it isn't much different than the old tack on more slower ram trick they do to dupe unknowing buyers.

    Just thought I would share this oddity of a card and see if anyone had more info on it. So be warned, stay away from the ASUS EN9600GSO MAGIC.
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    Re: Weird video card variation

    ASUS EN9600GSO TOP/HTDP/384M = $85 after MIR
    Core clock-600MHz
    Memory Clock-1800MHz
    Memory Size-384MB
    Memory Interface-192-bit
    Memory Type-GDDR3

    ASUS EN9600GSO MAGIC/HTDP/512M = $80 after MIR
    Core clock-550MHz
    Memory Clock-1000MHz
    Memory Size-512MB
    Memory Interface-128-bit
    Memory Type-GDDR2

    I think that this just Asus putting too much card too close to a lower product. If anyone compares the two, it should be pretty obvious that the extra $5 is well spent as you stated. I do not think one is the predecessor of the other just a card that is supposed to be markedly less than the other, but probably upper cards driving the price down makes it so that one is not going to sell...hopefully not at least.




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