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    New version of Spybot was just released. If you arn't running this program, you should be. It is free and one of the best out, along with ad-aware.

    It has a built in real time blocker as well. Back when I was on XP I used to run it weekly and would find stuff. But since I went to Vista, with it's built in Windows Defender and with Spybot running its real time blocker, I never find trackers or spyware anymore.

    Updates include faster booting and scanning.
    They have really improved the speed in the last few updates by the way.


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    Re: Spybot S&D

    I've noticed Spybot's had a marked improvement recently, as well. Kudos to them!

    We've also found that SuperAntiSpyware works just as well, if not better, than AdAw+SB if you're ever interested in giving it a whirl.
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      Re: Spybot S&D

      I have used this tool for a long time and have always recommended it to people whose computers I have fixed...

      Didn't know that the new release was will have to go download it...

      Thanks for the update!

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