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System boot failure after BIOS flash

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  • System boot failure after BIOS flash

    I having some video artifact and tearing problems in HL2 so I decided to flash my bios to see if that would help. I noticed this little utility that ASUS provide which changes the bios boot up logo and decided to do that at the same time. It flashed the logo to the bios first, then asked to reboot the computer. I said yes, and it then failed to boot up. The monitor didnt come on and there were no beeps from the system speaker.

    I have since tried clearing the CMOS and taking out all other components apart from the CPU with no change. Do I have to return my motherboard or is this fixable?

    ASUS AV8 Delux
    AMD athlon 64 3500+
    2x 256 corsair RAM

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    Re: System boot failure after BIOS flash

    Are you positive you downloaded the correct BIOS?

    First thing I would do would be to get on the phone/e-mail with ASUS tech support. They're usually pretty cool and your board should still be under warranty. Make sure to have your serial number and BIOS versions (old and new) handily available.


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      Re: System boot failure after BIOS flash

      take the battery out for 5minutes while the system isnt on, leave it plugged in so its earthed though...

      then replace it, and power up while holding the Insert key
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