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what gfx drivers do you use?

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  • what gfx drivers do you use?

    i was wondering with the few different forcewares ( OEM

    what drivers does everyone here use? stock? modified forceware?

    i am currently using the latest nvidia OEM driver for my desktop, but for my laptop, i have only had a single forceware driver version work for it without it bsod'ing (idk why it had the problem, but it is fixed and i aint touching it again lol)
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    Re: what gfx drivers do you use?

    I try to use the drivers from Tweakforce whenever possible.


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      Re: what gfx drivers do you use?

      I use nvidia's 175.16. I haven't had a problem with them except aoc but it has problems with everything.

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        Re: what gfx drivers do you use?

        I'm using stock 175.19 (the latest one).
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          Re: what gfx drivers do you use?

          I am also using the latest stock drivers. I never really seen any major improvements using any other drivers. Only time I ever used tweaked drivers for a video card was for an ATI card, Nvidia seems to be pretty much on top of it, at least better than what ATI was. ATI might have gotten better since I had one but I have my doubts.
          Most of the Nvidia tweaked drivers only give minor improvements, nothing worth getting in my opinion. ATI drivers always sucked(with the cards I had anyway)and to get a little stability out of the cards I had to use tweaked drivers. I believe they were Omega drivers I used then but it has been a while and can't remember exactly what they were.




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