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Hands-on with the Vista Media Center TV Pack

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  • Hands-on with the Vista Media Center TV Pack

    Hands-on with the Vista Media Center TV Pack

    Still a month away from its official announcement at CEDIA -- Engadget HD got their hands on the final release of the Vista Media Center TV Pack (codename Fiji) and although the most anticipated features are missing, (H.264 and DirecTV) what is there, is well received. So if clear QAM, improved tuner support, and favorites is just what you ordered, then head over and have a look at the update that unfortunately you'll probably never get without buying a new PC.
    So as usual, it is good news bad news.

    The article was just posted 2 hours ago, and there are already some good comments. By later tonight/tomorrow there should be a lot more comments to read at the link.


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    Re: Hands-on with the Vista Media Center TV Pack

    Well, we don't have much (if any) use for CableCards right now... maybe a year or so from now...the fact that it doesn't address sorting of TV shows, and that you can't create folders (or even categories) for recorded shows, is a SERIOUS disappointment.

    I don't care that much because I don't watch TV very often, and I only record two shows. However, the "Other" has expressed clear displeasure with the inability to sort recordings better than the current [sorry-ass] configuration.

    I wish I could get Sage working better... but anyway, I am interested in getting more detail in the near future as to what this update includes.
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