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  • Razer AC-1 Audio card

    Ok guys, i have had problems with my X-Fi extreme gamer card ever since i got it, and it looks like those problems are set to continue. I never want another creative product if i can get away with it, so it seems like my only alternative is this razer! Now this works out ok, as i have Barracuda headphones, but what are the pros and cons? Any of you guys got this card?! How does it compare to the creative? Surround sound specifically, how does it stack up against the creative EAX? Your help and opinions are appreciated!

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    Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

    Just go the Auzen X-FI Prelude, I love it.
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      Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

      Check with Dirtboy

      He used one.


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        Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

        To be honest with you...this is the best sound card/video card combo I ever had! I am kicking myself in the ass for changing it out with the Fatl1ty sound card and headphones. The sound is REALLY deep and it REALLY immerses you into the game.

        I highly recommend this card, especially if you already have the headset!
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          Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

          I have the card and headphones and it has to be the best sound card I have ever used. The clarity of sound and range of sounds makes for a awesome gaming experience.

          That being said, I did find a couple cons about it. 1. The card is huge, you may have issues inside your case, depending what other cards you are running. I had issues with mine because it was wedged between two graphics cards running SLI. 2. Kinda miffed that there is not a better splitter capability from the card. The connectors are are kinda funky and do not allow for me to switch easily from a headset to speakers. 3. Price, it is a expensive combo.

          But the cons do not outweigh the overall experience of some serious sound coming from your computer. If you can find a deal on it, jump on it!!!
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            Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

            Yea, i have the headset set, and the Xfi is a real mother trying to make it work, so i think i will take the plunge on the razer. I read some reviews, but i decided to ask here first and glad i did, thanks gents! As for the size, hell, ill rip something out if i need to, but i have a big case so should get away with it! Cant wait to hear ArmA and PR on it now!


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              Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

              Jeepo, it sounds like you need to RMA the X-Fi if you have tried everything and it just isn't working. At least try and get your money back on it.


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                Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

                I don't have the headphones for it, but I have the card and I run it on a 5.1 setup which sounds superb! I use it for gaming, and for doing some digital music. Granted, it's not the IDEAL card to use for music, but it works quite well :) Rendering is solid, and quick, and I can typically run the latency under 4ms, which is a far cry from the Creative USB box I was using.... the horrors.....

                The RaZeR card has worked very well for me. I occasionally have a GUI issue with the control suite, but that's just a driver thing and who doesn't occasionally have a problem with driver software suite GUIs from time to time....

                I got a sweet deal off Woot and acquired the card, and I've been VERY happy with it.
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                  Re: Razer AC-1 Audio card

                  Originally posted by TheBigC View Post
                  2. Kinda miffed that there is not a better splitter capability from the card. The connectors are are kinda funky and do not allow for me to switch easily from a headset to speakers.

                  C, I just assembled my new rig and have this combo, but I am wondering How to switch from Speakers to Headphones and back etc... I CANNOT imagine the Razer company thinks wer are going to yank the connectors out every time we need to use our external they?? Di you come up with a way to make this work??

                  Maybe I should have stuck with On-Board Sound and a USB Headset/Mic combo... ??

                  Any tips!???
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