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Helpful Tip: Remove Old Versions of Java (JRE)

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  • Helpful Tip: Remove Old Versions of Java (JRE)

    Just read this article and thought others might want to give it a go, especially since you don't even have to install it. I ran it and all good.

    Helpful Tip: Remove Old Versions of Java (JRE)

    Over in our forum Max inquired about whether it was safe to remove old versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that had been left behind after each upgrade. Of course you can, and there’s a good chance that you can free up hundreds of megabytes by removing them.


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    Re: Helpful Tip: Remove Old Versions of Java (JRE)

    For some reason I have always removed the old versions of Java before downloading the latest update. I always thought removing the old version would remove data that may not ever be used again freeing up some room but for the simple fact of letting the new have no conflicts with the old.
    I also completely remove all my old drivers before updating to the latest, when I had ATI video cards I found out that installing over old drivers can cause conflicts. That was when the drivers being uninstalled before the latest ones were downloaded and installed came about.
    Glad i was actually doing something right for a change without nobody needing to tell me I was, lol.




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