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Issues With Resizing Images

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  • Issues With Resizing Images

    Hi everyone,

    I just downloaded the latest version of FF a few days ago. Since then, every time an image is about to load I see red dots but eventually the image does load. If I click on an image, it takes up the entire screen and doesn't resize itself like it usually did in the past. When I try to load and save an image, it just gets stuck on the "transferring data" screen and doesn't resize the picture so I can save it. I've cleared cookies and the cache and still no luck. The same thing happens in Internet Explorer also, with the entire image filling my screen. How can I fix these issues? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Issues With Resizing Images

    Welcome to the forum TwinkleStar.

    Maybe uninstall and reinstall firefox?


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      Re: Issues With Resizing Images

      Thanks for answering, Bamboo. I tried that and still no such luck. I am thinking it is some kind of problem the website is experiencing.


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        Re: Issues With Resizing Images

        Try this:

        Under Tools > Clear Private Data...

        Check "Cache" and "Offline Website Data".

        Then click on "Clear Private Data Now" button.

        Refresh the page your on.

        Sometimes the cache data in Firefox becomes corrupt (especially if your session crashes multiple times in a row).
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