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  • Media Center problems

    Hey - I've about had it trying to figure this out.. it's probably the last real issue I've had to deal with Vista 64.. but it really could be anything in the chain.

    OK, the players, Vista 64 Home Premium, Napster, Linksys WRTP54G, Xbox360, Xbox360 wireless, Windows Media Center.

    There is Pretty much only one way to ask this - How the heck do I play my music from the MCE server on my XB360 client?

    I have a bunch of legally purchased MP3's from various known sources like Urge, Rhapsody, and Napster but when I try to access them via the XB360 client the only message has been "AUDIO ERROR An error occurred while trying to play your selection" - Yeah.. that's helpful information.

    Now.. if I play the songs via the MCE client on the server PC.. No problem. If I try to play the file using a music service client like Napster.. No Problem. If I open up WMP11.. again.. no problem?

    I've poked through the Linksys but don't see anything that would cause a problem - the XB is an authorized client.

    Has anybody had to work through this? There is a ton of useless info in forums on the subject.. but the 'solutions' are all over the map and the threads usually end with 'I FIXED IT'.. but no HOW!

    Anyway.. mucho gracias to anyone that can help.

    - frustrated




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