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    Has anyone every heard that if you tweaked or changed some of your settings on Utorrents, Downspeeds will improve. I've tried it once and it looked like it did, but when i used it on my other computer it was opposite of what i expected. Have you tried it?

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    Re: Utorrent myths

    I think you would need to elaborate on what you changed. There are a lot of tweaks you can do, but the one everyone should do is turn on the Encryption. It will help keep your ISP from throttling you, which they may do even if you are downloading legal torrents like the Project Reality mod files.


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      Re: Utorrent myths



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        Re: Utorrent myths

        that video is set up to tweak HIS/ her? connection. some of those numbers are way off, and they do not explain why they use those numbers. the better approach would be to explain what the numbers mean, and how you should configure them for your connection.
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          Re: Utorrent myths

          Actually on the video it shows "Enable DHT Network" and "Enable DHT for new Torrents" as checked.

          You'll want to uncheck these two unless the torrent states that it needs it. Both of these when enabled consume a lot of the available bandwidth on your connection. Most torrents do not make use of the DHT Network.

          Another thing, in the video the guy has his "Global Maximum Download" speed set at 65. You'll want to make that at 80% of your connection's maximum.

          For example: if you have a 1.5 mbps connection, then the maximum is 192 KB/s (equation: 1.5 x 1024 / 8). 80% of that would be: 153.6 KB/s. So you'd set it to 153.

          Also with uTorrent, the basic idea is the more you upload, the faster you download. As you upload more, you contribute to the swarm overall and thus you should get a faster download. Torrenting is about sharing, so uTorrent tends to be one of the BT clients that emphasize that point.
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