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  • Best *Free* Virtual Computer Program

    Thanks to those who replied a while back about Virtual vs. Dual Boot. I have been trying out Virtual PC 2007 for a while and like it except for a couple of things. First, it does not allow me to hook up to my wireless network printer. Two, it does not recognize the partitioned drives in my system so I have to move things to my host system before saving. Finally, it does not allow me to connect my Windows Mobile phone or an MP3 to it to download info to either one.
    I am looking for a good free version that could do all those things. I looked at VM Ware, but it appears to cost something. I could be wrong. Anyway, thanks in advance for all the help.

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    Re: Best *Free* Virtual Computer Program

    vmware player and server are both free.

    player can use previously created machines, and do a little editing.
    server from what I can has all the features of workstation, but free.
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