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Help choosing an mp3 player?

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  • Help choosing an mp3 player?

    As the title suggests...

    Anywho. I am sittin here with some after-ye-olde-yeultide-loot and looking to finally get an mp3 player... For a guy with 90 gigs of digital audio, one would think I would have gotten around to this sooner.

    Creative mp3 Players

    I am drawn to the Creative units due to their kind user reviews. The unit with the removeable and interchangable memory stick looks promising, but the capacity of a microdrive is something I can not turn away from. An ipod is also in the running, all things considered equal. Upgradability of the firmware / os is generally a must. My sister just had a fiasco with her ipod and it not accepting digitally signed music files post OS upgrade. 3rd party OS or firmware would solve that quite nicely. So would porting a lunix / unix / oberon run front end over... But thats a lot of work. Anways I am rambling... As one might imagine, this is a rather complicated process for me, a good reason I have not gotten a player yet. I was waiting for the technology to mature and mature it has.

    Help? :o

    - Chris
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    Re: Help choosing an mp3 player?

    Well, I've got the Creative MuVo TX FM and I'm extremely pleased with it. I considered a drive-based player for the capacity, but since I wanted to use it while working out/running, I decided to stick with the flash-based player.
    Mine holds 256mb of music or data, has an AM/FM radio, is very small and light, and sounds great! I highly recommend the MuVo TX FM.
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      Re: Help choosing an mp3 player?

      To get it out of the way. I only recommend an Ipod if you use Itunes. Your almost forced to use an ipod if you have Itunes. My first MP3 player was the Creative Nomad Zen 2. That broke fell out of my pocket. Then I got a Nomad Zen Extra since I found out I loved MP3 players so much. (Had depression at the time being able to listen to music whenever I could was a great thing.) That broke too since my friend's leg got caught up in its wires and it fell dunno why that broke it considering it took quite a beating fell on concrete with only small scratches on it. But either way I just ordered a 20 GB Nomad Touch which should be here in a few hours. To be honest Creative players are some of the best bang for your buck you can get. I recommend you download Windows Media PLayer 10 if your going to get the TOuch since its compatable with it and will use it as if it was Ipod. (I think don't quote me I will make another post about the touch when I get it.) Also Iceman since you have so much music the nomad is good for you since there is a 60GB version that is pretty cheap. BTW Creative MP3 players have a 97 Db sound to noise ratio which is great. =)

      Also the moral of this story is I have bad luck with MP3 players.

      I just got my Touch and its amazing. I haven't listened to it but its great how it works with WMP 10 and WMP 10 seems to have a better library of music then Itunes Music Store. The more I use it the more I like WMP10. I enjoy how it allows me to decide how I want to rip my songs as. You are even allowed to choose the quality of the song files.
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        Re: Help choosing an mp3 player?

        I've got what they call a C-D PLAYER. its the newest model and works swell!!
        i've never had any problems! :p

        seriously i dont have one but i've looked around at them and if i were to get one i'd get an ipod probably.


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          Re: Help choosing an mp3 player?

          I was in Tokyo last month and saw a couple of awesome mp3 players by Olympus. They have two products. One is the m:robe 500 which has a huge touch screen. It has a single button, on/off, and the rest is done through the touch-screen. It also has some cool features that I haven't seen before such as creating mini-movies on-the-fly to go with the music playing and it's an integrated camera. Check out the demos to see how it works, but believe me, it's cool.

          Alternately there is the m:robe 100 which is strictly an mp3 player, but also has some cool technology I've not seen on mp3 players before. Instead of buttons it uses a static sensitive touch-panel.

          Both are very cool. They weren't available in the US last month, but I believe they are now.
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