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WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

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  • WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

    any good recommendations for surround sound speakers?

    I would like 5.1 with good bass. (I don't think my desk will fit a 7.1 set)

    gaming FPS and music

    I've had good luck with my creative headset, but I don't know much about other brands:

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    Re: WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

    Anything by Logitech in the 5.1 setup is good IMO. Creative labs is ok but usually a little bit more expensive.


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      Re: WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

      What's your budget?

      I can also suggest any Logitech 5.1 set as I own a older set myself (have it laid out on my desk).

      Good bass, even it is sometimes overpowering.
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        Re: WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

        Ive been very happy with my Z2300 2.1 speakers from logitech and would recommend taking a look at the 5.1 offerings from them as well


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          Re: WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

          Warehouse, I just picked up a set of Logitechs Z5500 a few weeks ago and am very happy.


          Pros: Great quality, awesome subwoofer, modular wires.
          Cons: Bit expensive, subwoofer is a bit large

          Only warning I have is that the subwoofer comes with a notice that it needs to be 2feet away from your box / monitor. Sort of wreaked my plans of placement.


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            Re: WTB: Surround Sound Speakers (suggestions?)

            I tell you if you get the Z-5500's from Logitech I hope you don't have close neighbors. They can put out some bass and sound. My downstairs neighbor and next door neighbor hates them.
            Subwoofer has to be large, anything smaller probably would not sound right against the rest of the system. Subwoofer I believe weighs in at 50 Lbs. by itself. I have my speakers measured out so I am almost perfectly centered when playing a game so I can tell where all sounds are coming from.
            I bought these speakers cause it was a deal my wife made up for me to build the new computer, she had to have speakers that were loud enough to hear in the entire house while she was cleaning. They are definitely loud enough to hear in this old 2 story house anywhere, the basement neighbor even hears them and if not hear them they feel the bass from some of the songs we play and I have the bass set in the middle, not turned up.




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