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  • Power Supply Failure

    In the last year, I've had two power supplies, one a 450 watt and the other a 550 watt, basically die on me. I'd shut down my computer at night, and in the morning, the computer would not turn back on. I was wondering if any of you awesome computer people could tell me what exactly could be causing this. I do have a surge protector. My computer has never overheated... it just died. If any of you have any idea what's going on, or have any theories, I'd really appreciate it.


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    Re: Power Supply Failure

    Power supplies are rated by their weight. Generally, the heavier they are, the higher quality. If they were light PSs pumping that much wattage, that could be your problem. Also, what do you run that needs 550 watts? Even high-end systems can run just fine with 350 (I run a 440 due the the added draw off multiple HDDs and the watercooling system).

    Other than that: it could be bad power. You could have over-voltage running constantly. It's rare but can happen. Surge protectors don't help as much as you think and line conditioners are expensive. You might try spending the extra cash on a good PS and a UPS from APC or (even better) tripplite.




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