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Some amazing computer builds

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  • Some amazing computer builds

    First these are not mine. I found this thread while looking at a review Bamboo passed to me. I thought you guys might find it interesting.

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    Re: Some amazing computer builds

    WOW, thats insane. I can appreciate building custom rigs to suit your tastes and simply to kick a$$. What I don't really get is the obsession with benching and folding etc. I just can't see running that many rigs for those purposes?

    I guess it's a hobby, which to people on the outside never looks like a wise investment :row__572:


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      Re: Some amazing computer builds

      I've seen the acrylic "block" style cases for sale at Fry's, specifically built for water-cooling too. Some of that stuff he did is wicked cool, and wicked crazy.... fascinating nonetheless.

      I still just haven't brought myself to water-cool yet. I've spent $150 on more frivolous things, yet I don't really do crazy overclocking and I still complain about noise :D

      Perhaps the thing to do to tame the X2 and the 4870, is to clamp a waterblock to them both.

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        Re: Some amazing computer builds

        Very nice builds. Fine example of what can be done when you set your mind on that dream rig...

        I can't begin to imagine the noise in that computer room. All of those fans must get on his nerves at some point. God, I know I get annoyed after several hours of hearing the fans in this room spin.
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          Re: Some amazing computer builds

          Have you guys been to [H]ardOcp's forums. They have threads specifically for Cases and Case Modding. If you're readers of Maximum PC or CPU magazines, you will recognize alot of their modded cases from the forums.





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