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  • My tech RSS feed for you to enjoy

    I'm helping a TG member build a computer, and he asked what some good sites are to look at reviews, and after looking at my RSS feed I found out I could actually link people to it, so they kind of see what I see. It does come up different, like I have bamboo wallpaper behind the boxes, and my Flickr picture box shows me the last 12 pictures uploaded with the tag Bamboo, but you will still get a sense of it.

    It may be slow to load, but I think it is because it has to look at what I have and then load things. Mine is instantaneous. As soon as I open firefox it all comes up right away.

    I wasn't sure about trying something like Netvibes at 1st, but after a couple days of using it, I will never go back. And it is so customizable it is ridiculous. And of course it is free. You can run a feed from just about any site/service.

    Here is a link:

    And here is a pic of it:


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