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hd3850 agp performance issues

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  • hd3850 agp performance issues

    hey, so in trying to revive a little life out of my current agp system, because i can't afford to upgrade everything for pci-e, i purchased a his hd3850 agp card. I had a little bit of issues installing the current cat drivers, because they said that it the drivers couldn't find the hardware, so i installed them manually. Everything was looking good, so i tried to test out the card by playing a few games only to find that everything was pretty choppy. tf2,cs:s, and hl2 were all running at about 10fps. bioshock was basically the same. my games ran smoother/better when i was using my radeon 9600. i wasn't expecting this card to allow me to play the newest games, but at least play my current games with better performance. any ideas? i can't figure out if the drivers aren't working correctly because its an agp card or if its a issue with the games?

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    Re: hd3850 agp performance issues

    That's crazy slow. Let me know if you got it ironed out. I put one in for a bud; on a AMD 754 w/ 4000 Mobile 64 and it was really good. There must be a driver/setting problem or something.


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      Re: hd3850 agp performance issues

      Are you sure you downloaded the correct Catalyst driver version for your graphics card?

      If you're running Windows XP (32-bit), you should be using these drivers.
      If you're running Windows Vista (32-bit), you should be using these drivers

      Did you remove your old Radeon 9600 drivers BEFORE installing the new drivers?
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