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  • ABS Canyon case on Newegg

    Last night I was on newegg looking up the tracking on an order I just made and saw on a ad banner that there was this new ABS Canyon case that was a newegg exclusive. So I clicked on it. And have been confused every since.

    Case looks odd, might be interesting, lots of air flow, which is cool, then I saw the price. :icon_conf: :icon_eek:


    And there is actually 1 review from someone who bought it. I'm all about how important a good case is, but come on. This thing better be completly made out of copper or something before I would spend $600 on a case.


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    Re: ABS Canyon case on Newegg

    Egad. Hideous overkill.
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      Re: ABS Canyon case on Newegg

      Its designed for home servers or people that have servers running at home. Its not over kill. It has hotswappable SATA trays. Its anodized aluminum, not black paint. The large are inside for additional water cooling. The seperated areas for HDD, PSU and others. This is a really sweet case. Just dont have $600 to spend on one.



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        Re: ABS Canyon case on Newegg

        Oh my god, how would you be able to see over the thing if you have to carry it down a flight of stairs?

        As for the "sideways" HDD bays, I've seen that design in several older server cases and recently in some Thermaltake cases as well. It makes installation and removable a breeze compared to the slide-out bays in my Antec.
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