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  • HELP: Wireless card

    I'm looking for a good wireless card, not expensive preferably but if need be can go up to $100
    Only need wireless g as that is the fastest the router supports.
    PCI/USB? No clue which is better.
    Vista x64

    I've looked a couple fairly cheap PCI cards so far only to find they have no support or bad support for vista x64. I would like something around $30 but from what I've seen that isn't possible.:(
    Also, I only want to purchase from NCIX as thats where everything else in a system I'm planning on building will come from. Range will to the re sender is about 15-20 meters so range shouldn't be a big issue.
    In my system right now I have THIS and it works very well from what I can tell. (Just to give you an idea of what I need)

    I don't know much about wireless things other than speeds so any help will be useful :row__529:

    (Won't reply for about 16 hrs).

    Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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    Re: HELP: Wireless card

    My sister in law just moved into a new place 2 weeks ago and wanted to set up a wireless system for her desktop. She worked at a store where she could get a Dlink USB adapter, and picked it up. Before she installed it she called me and asked if I knew anything about it, so I looked it up on newegg and a couple more places. Found it it had like a 2 egg rating, and from the looks of most of the USB adapters, they arn't very good. Most reviews said the signal gets dropped every 15 mins or so, and they were right. She had to keep reconnecting.
    So I ordered her this one instead
    EDIMAX EW-7128G IEEE 802.11b/g PCI Wireless Card
    That is from the Newegg Canada site by the way.
    785 reviews and it still has 5 eggs.

    Some people said they had problems with Vista64, some didn't. One guy posted this
    Found a Fix for Vista 64

    Pros: I tried for days to get this card working on Vista 64 with no luck.

    Then I found the Rosewill RNX-G300EX uses the same chipset and they actually make some decent drivers that work.

    Cons: Had to use special drivers!

    Other Thoughts: Card works great now. So far...
    The wired external antenna would be a good idea to help get it out from behind a desk.

    Here are the rest of the PCI cards ranked in order of best rated if you want to look into some of the other ones


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      Re: HELP: Wireless card

      Fry's has the airlink 300N for $25..I have 6 of them, and they work wonderfully..Vista will even update the drivers! "N" is backwards compatible to your old "G" stuff, so when you upgrade, you already have your first "N" dongle! :)


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        Re: HELP: Wireless card

        Thanks a bunch. Will probably be getting the gigabyte gn-wp01gs though as ncix has it and I plan on picking up my system at the ncix store. I'll probably call in to see if they have the edimax but I doubt it.

        Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
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