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overheating issue?

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  • overheating issue?

    Whenever I'm in a game (JO) Sometimes my pc randomly restarts itself. I've noticed when I check the exhaus fan on the psu it's pretty warm. tI've sort of solved the issue when I made a custom intake out of 2 unused drive covers (may post pics later). The problem still occures every once in a awile. Any advice?

    *P4 Northwood 2.8 @ 800mhz
    *Gigabyte 81pe1000 rev2.0
    512mb pc3200 (single)
    12x dvd rw drive
    Audigy 2 ZS soundcard
    *Geforce mx440 (upgrading to 6800nu soon)
    *300w psu (upgrading soon)

    *= factory installed

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    Re: overheating issue?

    so its oem? who built it? did you mess with the stock cooling? oem's set up cooling in very strange ways, and while it works, if it is messed with, can destroy the computer's airflow.
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      Re: overheating issue?

      Do you have any tools in place to monitor the temperature? One thing you may want to try is to install something to monitor the temp... then launch and play JO for a bit. Exit JO and immediately look at the temp readings.

      If they are high, you could be experiencing the system shutting itself down. If not, then at least you've ruled out one thing.
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        Re: overheating issue?

        Check if your computer is set to automatically restart (WinXP) and turn it off. Do this in the System Properties. Go there by right-clicking on My Computer and then Properties or accessing System in the Control Panel. Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck Automatically Restart. If you crash, not due to heat issues, you will get a blue screen with an error message. Be sure to note the driver that crashed and any other important information.

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          Re: overheating issue?

          I had this similar problem awhile ago. I too thought it was heat related. But it turned out to be a bad RAM stick. I saw it by checking my system info to see how my system was set up and found out that half my RAM was dead. When I shut the system off, then on again, it read normal, then after awhile of gaming or (wife chatting on MSN), the system would just reboot for no reason. I ended up taking each one out one at a time till I found the one with a problem then threw it in the garbage and bought new one. Had no probs after that. Maybe you can check it. If not, run it to a tech to run a test on the sticks to see if they are working right. Mine had a bad memory module, so when the ram filled to a point where it would need to access it, it would frap out and reboot. Just a thought. :D
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            Re: overheating issue?

            When you boot the PC up for the first time of the day, "jack around" a bit in a regular non-stressful Windows (or whatever) environment. Then reboot (after about 30 minutes) and enter BIOS. Check what temp the CPU is running at. Then play JO non-stop until it reboots: and immediately check the temp of the CPU/MB.

            Post the temp discrepancy.

            Also, I recommend downloading a GPU temp gauge and monitoring it as well. If there isn't a large margin between them, then at least you've ruled out over-heating. Troubleshooting is all about removing as many variables as possible before you come to a conclusion.




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