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TR's fall 2008 system guide

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  • TR's fall 2008 system guide

    TechReport has updated their build guide, and it is a bit different now:

    However, we faced a bit of a dilemma with this update. You see, Intel says it plans to release next-generation Core i7 processors next month, and the rumor mill has repeatedly hinted that those chips might cost as little as $284 when they come out. Telling readers to buy high-end Core 2 systems now would make no sense, but our system guide still needed an update. What to do?

    In the end, we opted to rethink the guide's price targets and focus on cheaper configurations. We had been planning such a move for a while, anyway, because the hardware pricing landscape has evolved quite a bit since we started publishing system guides. We've therefore replaced our traditional $500, $1,000, $1,500, and ~$2,500 builds with more wallet-friendly $300, $500, $800, and $1200 configurations. These new setups are more affordable, and you'd be surprised how much you can get for even 800 bucks these days.
    TR's fall 2008 system guide Recommendations for building the right enthusiast's PCs

    Even if you don't need to read the parts guide, they do have:
    The operating system Which Vista is right for you?

    Personally, I'm not really happy with their high end build suggestions, including the Xonar sound card, the choice of the q9400 (still can't figure out why Intel hacked the q9450 for no reason), and the 2 huge harddrives, among others.


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    Re: TR's fall 2008 system guide

    I believe the Xonar choice was simply because it's a PCI-e card.
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      Re: TR's fall 2008 system guide

      Originally posted by Spulat View Post
      I believe the Xonar choice was simply because it's a PCI-e card.
      Heh, figures.

      Originally posted by TR
      Econobox Lite...Celeron 430
      WTH?! $10 more and they could have slapped on a Celeron DC instead. Seeing how Intel is phasing out the single-cores, the 430 probably won't last the beginning of 2009.

      And then for the Econobox, they jump straight from the Celery 430 to the Penty E5200. Hmm...*scratches head*

      I'm shocked they didn't outright suggest 64-bit Vista seeing how the latter 2 systems are from a "enthusiast" POV.

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